Live the second half of your life intentionally


Some of the most difficult decisions individuals and families make are in the second half of life.  It's difficult to know what treatment options services to accept as inevitable and necessary and which options might have consequences you would rather avoid.  

You DO have choices.

Families struggle to be on the same page as decisions are made and if the person most affected by the decision won't or can't talk about it with them it is even more difficult.

Providing you with information to make a decision that is in line with what you most value not just blankly accepting the doctor's recommendations or what "everyone thinks I should do" is what we help with.

We can provide you with information and resources to provide you with the confidence you need in making life impacting decisions.


About Debbie


I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and worked in Geriatrics for half of that time.  For 15 years working in the Personal Care Setting of a CCRC as a Certified Dementia Practitioner overseeing the care of 75 residents 26 in a Secure Dementia Care Unit.

I have journeyed with many families and individual residents through the Aging process and the progression of Dementia both as a nurse and as a support group facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association (Delaware Valley Chapter).

My goal is to help families and individuals understand their healthcare choices in the second half of life.  I want you to make decisions with all the information considering not just the possible choices but what defines a good quality of life for you.

I would love to share my expertise and experience with you and your loved ones.